Fiero/Solstice/Sky Fun Run

March 22, 2008

At The 2008 World of Wheels, we met several members of the Peach State Kappa Club. This club is comprised of owners of the Pontiac Solstice and the Saturn Sky, built on the Kappa platform. Thus their name. We entertained getting together for an event, if there was enough interest, and it seems there is among both their and our clubs.

So, on March 22, Fieros, Solstices, and Skys will unite at the McDonalds in Dawsonville, at the Intersection of Georgia Highways 400 and 53. We should arrive by 8AM, hold our drivers' meeting, and depart by 9AM. We will enjoy one another's company during a drive through the mountains of North Georgia and Tennessee, stopping for lunch in Tennessee, then returning via a different route to Dawsonville. The route should bring us back to Dawsonville before dark.

We will be the host club to the Peach State Kappa Club on their 3rd Annual Fun Run, so come on out and help us show them some good old Pontiac Driving Excitement.