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Fiero Related Documents
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Georgia Fiero Club Incorporation and By-Laws

GM 60-degree V6 Power Manual
An older manual (about 1988), but still with lots of useful information.

Removing a V6 By the Numbers

Break-In Procedure for Remanufactured Engines

Comp Cams Valve Adjustment Procedure

CarQuest Rear Caliper Adjustment Procedure

DodgeRunner's V6 Spring Tensioner Installation Instructions

Fiero T-Roof Installation Manual

V6 in an 84 Fiero
Putting a V6 in an 84 Fiero is a bit involved, but it can be done

Pontiac 2.5 Engine Build Information
Older information, some parts no longer available, but stil good info

2.5 Balance Box Bushing Replacement

Winningest 4-Cylinder Engines
All about the Super Duty 4

Formula Four Success
Hot Rod Magazine article about the 16-valve SD4

Pages from Older GM Performance Catalog
Featuring Super Duty parts (the fancy valve cover is still available)

Pontiac's New 2.5 Litre 4-Cylinder Engine
How the Iron Duke came to be

Smokey Yunick's Hot Air Fiero
Exclusive report!: Driving the Smokey Yunick Hot Vapor Fiero

Fiero Safety
A brief article on how safe your Fiero is

Fiero Specifications