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Club History

Our club was formed on a sunny Sunday afternoon in 1997.  The September 21st gathering was attended by a handful of enthusiasts in Stone Mountain Park.  Our founder, Ramon Otero, along with Paul McKibben and a few other Fiero owners envisioned a club that would foster a continuing presence of America's first mid-engine sports car.  This loose gathering of enthusiasts soon grew to an organized association of dedicated members.  Since its formation, our club has grown into a non-profit organization that frequently donates to local charities and non-profit organizations.

Our club's most outstanding organized event is its annual "Run For The Hills" weekend held on the third weekend of September.  The idea originated in 1995 at the Gulf Coast Fiero Weekend, when a group of Florida Fiero owners decided to go in search of something higher than a sand dune.  For the first few years the event sponsorship rotated between the Alabama, Space Coast, and Georgia Fiero clubs.  Eventually, the event was offered to the Georgia Fiero Club as its sole host and sponsor. 

Each year the event has grown and attracts participants from many parts of the Eastern United States, and on occasion, as far away as Texas, California, and even Australia.  Since starting as a weekend road trip in the hills, the event has become an event that embraces a thrilling drive through the mountains and valleys of the Southeastern US.

Another annual event for the club is its participation in the local World of Wheels Autorama.  The national event returned to Atlanta in 2006 after a 10 year absence.  The clubs first entrance of five Fieros all won awards of recognition ranging from Outstanding to Best of Class.  In 2007, all 8 entrants won awards.  We have also been invited to the Atlanta St. Patricks Day Parade every year since 2000.

Our club is a place to meet people who love a vehicle that endorses fun and excitement, and for enthusiasts to obtain help and information on repair and maintenance, as well as insight and history of a vehicle that has captured the hearts of a select few throughout the years.

We are a family oriented club and welcome members of all ages.  We meet on the second Saturday of each month.  Each year we participate in more than eight local, state, and regional events.  We aim at the exposure of a vehicle born of excitement.  We are continuing to keep our club in the public eye, and to maintain our original purpose, concept and vision.  We strongly believe in our slogan "We Drive Excitement!"


The Fiero Club meets the second Saturday of every month at 1:30 P.M. - GALAXY DINER / 3320 HENDERSON MILL RD, ATLANTA, GA 30341 / Phone: (770) 723-9555

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