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Protecting Door, Front Lid, Trunk and Especially Sunroof and T-Top Seals

Required Items:
Simple Green (has no harsh chemicals)
Small brush (an old toothbrush will work fine)
lots of rags
bucket of water
Castor Oil

Begin by cleaning the seal you want to protect with Simple Green.
Dip the brush into your bucket of water and lightly scrub the seal to get dirt out of the pores.
Wipe the seal dry and let it set for about an hour to air dry.

Pour some Castor Oil onto a clean rag and rub it into the seal.
The seal will not absorb it all right away so leaving a little 'shine' is okay.

Castor Oil will soak into the seal, keep it soft and pliant and, make it swell slightly.
If you've had a wind 'whistle' or leak, it will probably stop after this application.

I repeat this on my car about three times per year.

That's it !

Note: Castor Oil will stain your clothes, permanently. It will leave a mark on your side windows, temporarily.
You can clean your windows after about a week.

If it protects F-4 canopy seals at Mach 1.2 @ 40,000 feet, I figured it would work on a Fiero.
It's worked on my cars for the last 30 years.

You've spent about $3 and 2 hours. Your seals are like new and that annoying whistle/leak is gone !