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Ron and Susan Robinson

I had been reading about the P-car for a few years before I saw one in 1984. Was stationed in Germany at the time and had a Porsche 914. I knew that I liked the mid engine set up and was interested in the Fiero. Saw my first one at the PX in Germany and got to talk to the owner. In Feb of 1985, I ordered my Fiero after it was announced that it could be ordered with a V6. I took delivery of my car in June of 1985, a red 2M6 SE, and have owned it since then. It has been up-graded with GT lace wheels, 120 mph speedo and GT aux gauges. Currently has 160k miles on it. I also have to 1986 GT's.  Attached are pics of me and my wife Susan and my car. 

Email: . Known as "ron768"