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Charles Sewell

I bought my first 85GT in ’93 for my high school age daughter.  A failing pressure plate made the clutch too hard for her to handle, so I gave her my truck and I took the Fiero.  After repairing the clutch, my daughter and I shared driving driving it.  I later gave it to Robbie Finley in exchange for labor for getting my second 85GT up and running.

I bought my 87GT in November of 2001 with just 86K miles.  I replaced the original seats with Mr. Mike’s leather seats and at 140,000 miles, I replaced the stock 2.8 with a ’94 Camaro 3.4 engine.

I was told about an 85GT that was sitting in a salvage yard in Sweetwater, Tn.  On a weekend visit to Darrel Finley, we drove over to look at it.  A little faded on the rear, no body damage, great interior, and it needed a motor.  It only had 69,803 miles on it.  Couldn’t afford it, but I couldn’t let it go to the crusher.  So this became my second 85GT.

I bought an 87 engine from one of our club members who had converted to a 4.9 Cadillac engine.  Robbie Finley did all the work to get it on the road.  Sold it to Don Kienlen with about 110,000 miles on it and he later sold it to Colin Shoemaker, who still owns it.

Another club member gave a non-running 86SE to the club and I bought it from the club.  I had to replace most of the suspension and found another 87 engine to replace the blown motor.

Dan Lucas, Top Alcohol Dragster owner and driver contacted me about an 88 base coupe he owned.  He was the original owner and wanted it to go to a good home, so I picked that one up, got it running, and it has been given to Georgia Fieros as a club courtesy car.  Club members have contributed a lot of parts and labor to the car.

I joined Georgia Fieros in January 2000 and have thoroughly enjoyed the close-knit Fiero club and the Fiero community as a whole. They are certainly a different breed of car enthusiasts.

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