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If your Fiero has been re-painted before & you want to paint it, you need to strip the non-factory (at least) paint off. If it still has the factory paint (only) then there is no reason to strip it.
It's best to take the car apart as completely as possible before starting. I usually only leave the two roof panels on.
Stripping a Fiero is a tricky proposition. The SMC fiberglass panels are not so bad, but the plastic & rubber you have to be *really* careful with.
First, if you can, use a DA with 180 grit & sand the paint off. You have to be careful if you're not used to doing this not to make "flat spots" on the curves & dips on the flat areas.
If you have to use chemicals (& you probably will to get the job done *much* faster), use a spray can of "bumper stripper" on the rubber & plastic. Follow the instructions: well ventilated area; small areas at a time (1 or 2 sq. ft.); do *not* let it soak into the part. Repeat untill you get dpwn to the last layer of paint/primer. Final layer of paint (or primer) must be sanded off. If the bumper stripper works well, you may want to use it on the SMC panels. If not, I recomend "Aircraft Stripper" (brand name) - on the SMC panels ONLY. Let me say this again: DO NOT LET THE STRIPPER SOAK INTO THE PART! Be prepared to spend a LOT of hours doing this. Once stripped & sanded, prime with epoxy & go from there.

Write-up by Paul Angel