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Pat and Linda Swayne

I had always wanted a Fiero ever since they came out. Finally, in May 2006, I found a 1986 SE V6 in Ebay that looked real nice, so I bid on it. I won it, so Linda and I took a little trip to Ohio where it was, and after a side trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, we went to check out the car. it looked just as nice in person as it did in the Ebay pictures. It had only 43,000 miles on it and ran very well. So it was back to Georgia in two cars.

Now that I had a Fiero, I searched the internet to learn all I could about them, and found the Georgia Fiero Club. So Linda and I went to the next meeting and joined up.

In the summer of 2007, I was browsing through Ebay on my computer, and saw an unusual looking Fiero. I showed it to my wife, and SHE put a bid on it. It was a 1988 coupe with t-tops. She won the car, so this time I flew off to Texas, where the car was. It turned out to have an engine knock, but since it was, after all, an 88 with t-tops, I decided to take it and try to make it back to Georgia. And while in Texas, I visited Linda's son, who was at the army base in San Antonio. Well, I had a bit of trouble with the car, but got it home, and after a couple of weeks of intense work in intense heat, I got it fixed up. It is now my daily driver.

And what a driver it's been. I've been back to Texas in it (for my brother's 60th birthday, and to Michigan for the Fiero 25th Anniversary. And put 20,000 miles on it since buying it (as of January 2009).

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